Project Discription

The best feature of the Mahogany Shop E-Commerce productis it's customizability. As a seller, you can customize your own logo, color schemes. It features fine aesthetics, strong funal backend, plenty of customizable elements, a vast array of theme customization t and last but not least a 5 star support

Not only is Mahogany fully responsive and looks great on different devices but you an customize each element’s behavior on distinct devices within the easy to responsive options window.


  • Design and Development

    Samuel K. Gichuhi

  • System Analyst

    Joshua Waiguru

Project Info

  • Start Date

    Jun 05 2016

  • End Date

    Jun 01 2017

  • Company

    Mahogany Labs

Project Idea

We got the idea that we wanted to sell a reliable e-commerce for start-ups and some SME's but asking over $1000 that will take time to develop and market was too much. So we came up with a simple customizable latform for them to use